About the Pilsen Card project

City multi-function chip card – The Pilsen Card

The project of the city multi-function chip card was actively PKcommenced on May 1, 2004 by the company Plzeňský holding, a.s. in two parts – Check-in system and Reservation system.

Together with these two systems, it was necessary to build a technological base for the card and personalization centre. Since then many things have changed – especially, the project was taken over by the Pilsen City Transport Company, with maintenance of all rules and possibilities which are offered to customers – Pilsen Card holders in the Pilsen Card system.

The Pilsen City Transport Company is and definitely will be the major part of the whole system – every day more than 300, 000 passengers travel by Public Transport in Pilsen.

We hope that the Pilsen card will be a real advantage fot you, even though it’s no longer new.