Tips for easy public transport travel in Pilsen

  • Have your travel document ready before boarding the vehicle or prepare your Pilsen card or contactless bank card in time to purchase a ticket;
  • to get on and off the vehicle, press the self-service door opening button (in most vehicles it is green);
  • to board at a signal stop, simply be in a position from which the driver can clearly see the waiting passenger in good time before the vehicle arrives; to exit the vehicle at a signal stop, press the STOP button in advance;
  • for boarding with a wheelchair, pram or dog, use only the designated door - it is marked with the symbol of the wheelchair, pram or dog;
  • bicycles and scooters may only be carried as accompanied luggage at weekends and public holidays, possibly on working days, but only on designated lines; transporting electric scooters or bicycles is prohibited

Tariff - fare valid as of 1 January 2024

Transport Contract Terms valid as of 1 January 2024