Questions and answers

What is a Pilsen Card?

It is a chip card which enables easy access to many city services – you can top up the card with cash or season fare for travelling by Public Transport of Pilsen, as well as the Integrated Transport of the Pilsen Region; it can also be used for ticket reservation for cultural programmes of particular institutions; it is useful in schools and companies; it can serve as a reader’s card for libraries or a discount card within the bonus programme.

What is a Pilsen Ticket?

It is a non-personalised alternative to the Pilsen Card which contains an electronic wallet and is used only for purchase of transfer tickets in Public Transport vehicles.

What is a transfer ticket?

It is a ticket which can be bought from the self-service terminal Cardman in every Public Transport vehicle and paid by the electronic wallet of the Pilsen Card or Pilsen Ticket. The electronic wallet of these cards can be topped up repeatedly.

Where is it possible to top up the card?

At every PMDP sale locations or in the self-service terminal system (see the list of bank machines here).

Who can apply for the Pilsen Card?

Applying for the card is not limited, but there is a rule that for children the application form has to be submitted by one of the parents or a legal representative. Applying for the Pilsen Card ISIC is limited only to students and apprentices.

What is necessary for applying for the card?

ID, birth certificate of a child, all necessary filled-in forms, recent passport photograph (photographs can be obtained on the spot for the price given in the price list).

Where is it possible to get the forms?

On the internet or at every sale location.

How long does it take to get the Pilsen Card?

The normal time limit for issuing the card is 10 days, express issuing takes 2 days or it can be made while you wait.

Where is it possible to submit the application form?

At all PMDP sale locations except the Czech Railway and Czech and Slovak Bus Lines locations.

How much is the Pilsen Card?

Issuing of the Pilsen Card includes a 170 CZK handling fee. Also similar transactions, issuing of a duplicate or new card, include this amount. Express issuing costs 340 CZK and issuing while you wait costs 420 CZK.