SMS ticket

Zone(s) where SMS ticket is valid Time limit Cost of SMS* Text of SMS Tel. number
Central zone Pilsen (P) 35 min 28 CZK PMDP35M 90206
24 hrs 99 CZK PMDP24H

* plus your operator's charge to send the text message

General information:

  • The SMS ticket is a transfer ticket and is valid only on PMDP, a.s. vehicles.
  • You will recieve SMS ticket approximately one minute after ordering. You may enter a municipal transport vehicle only after you have received the SMS ticket.
  • To purchase the SMS ticket, you need to have “Premium SMS” activated with your operator. The telephone number from which the SMS message is being sent must be registered in one of the Czech mobile networks.

Copies of SMS tickets:

If you delete the SMS ticket while it is still valid, a copy can be obtained by texting PMDPD (the same text for all types of SMS tickets) to 9000603. The price of the copy is 3 CZK.

The SMS ticket is not valid:

  • If it is not valid yet or the validity has elapsed. 
  • If it has been used outside of the tariff zone. 
  • If it was not sent to a contracted SMS ticket distributor. 
  • If it was in any way altered, rewritten or resent.
  • If the validity cannot be confirmed due to the fault of the passenger. 
  • If the passenger sent the SMS to purchase a ticket after the start of transportation. 
  • If the ticket controller does not find the SMS ticket in the tickets database based on the code assigned to the ticket. 
  • If the passenger did not adhere to the terms for use stated in the Terms of Transportation and the Terms of the SMS Ticket Product.

Printing receipts

Using the web application located here (in czech only), customers can print out a receipt (simplified tax document) for each SMS ticket they purchase. Receipts can be printed out within three months from the date the SMS ticket is purchased.

Refunds on SMS tickets

If the purchaser/passenger considers the operation they carried out (purchasing an SMS ticket) to be flawed or defective, they have the right to submit a written claim for a refund to PMDP, a.s. (Customer Service Centre, Denisovo nábřeží 12, Pilsen) or directly using the web application at the company that runs the SMS ticket system, in accordance with the valid Refund Policy – SMS Ticket Services. The deadline for submitting a claim for a refund is one calendar month from the date the problematic operation was carried out. If the SMS service provider recognises the claim is justified, at the end of the refund process the service provider will return an amount equal to the price of an SMS ticket in the valid SMS Ticket Price list to the purchaser.

Example of SMS ticket:

For example: A passenger sends an SMS with the text:
• PMDP35M to 90206
• Where PMDP35M is the key word and 90206 is the telephone number for all operators

Based on the order sent, a message in the form of an SMS ticket will be sent to the user / passenger. The text of the SMS ticket contains the following information (in Czech): the transportation company / type and price of the ticket / validity start – finish / zone / HASH code / control code of the SMS ticket.

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