Ticket options

The next few lines summarise what ticket options are available and recommend which one might be best for you.

Do you regularly use public transportation?

If you’re a frequent public transportation user, you’ll save money uploading a prepaid pass to your Pilsen Card or Virtual Card. Simply select an open fare lasting between 1 and 365 days – prices are listed here.

Do you take public transportation only occasionally or are you visiting just for one day?

Use single tickets – prices are listed here. There are several different ways you can buy tickets:

- Inside the vehicle:

  • Using your contactless credit or debit card at a colour touchscreen terminal (usually located by the second door);

  • With your Pilsen Card or Pilsen Mini;

  • With a partner card (such as your Czech Rail In Karta, Carlsbad Card, Marianka card, or FC Viktoria Plzeň season ticket);

- Via the Virtuální Karta mobile app;

- By sending an SMS text message.

These tickets allow you to transfer between vehicles; simply choose how long you need the ticket to remain valid.

Non-transfer paper tickets are also available and can be purchased at PMDP Customer Service Centres and at shops displaying the ticket sales sticker (such as newsstands).

Have you come to stay for a few days?

If you will use the city’s public transportation network several times during your visit to Pilsen, you’ll save money with a Tourist Ticket. You can use it to store a one- to seventeen-day pass, or you can upload e-money to it for buying tickets inside vehicles.