In June, the Pilsen City Council approved the tariff for 2022 with only one significant adjustment. According to the system of continuous valorisation the price of the subscription fare will increase slightly next year by 3,2 %, which is a figure corresponding to inflation in 2020. Passengers will thus avoid the jump in prices that occur in other cities and can easily estimate in advance.

Subscription prices for 2022 can be found in the following table:




Year-long fare  (365 days)

CZK 4 252

CZK 2 126

CZK 5 526

6-month fare (183 days)

CZK 2 460

CZK 1 230

CZK 3 193

Month fare (31 days)

CZK 520

CZK 260

CZK 672

The price of an individual fare does not change, as its adjustment is governed by different rules than the subscription.