The new version of the popular My PMDP app is already available for download for both Android and iOS. It also contains news related to timetables and door-to-door searches.

New off-line time tables

  • An overview of the period of validity during lockouts and holidays
  • Detailed notes on traffic connection
  • Travel times between stops
  • Marking of traffic stops on sign
  • Faster updates
  • The option to postpone the update

Finding a door-to-door connection

  • Can search not only from/to traffic stops, but also from/to any place in Pilsen and its surroundings
  • In Map, hold your finger on the map and select From or Where next to the displayed point
  • Or you can use the new stop and street whisperer in the Map
  • You can view the searched connection on the map (map icon)
  • The connection on the map shows the actual route of the connection by road or rail
  • The connection on the map shows walking routes and transfers
  • Walking to the public transport stop is included in the total connection time and shows when you have to go out to catch the connection

Thank you for writing us at the support email aplikace@pmdp.cz, where we will always be happy to help you solve your problems or answer your questions.