Double trolleybus anniversary celebration in Pilsen


We invite you to join Škoda Electric to celebrate the 75th anniversary of trolleybus operations and 80th anniversary of trolleybus manufacturing in Pilsen, which will take place on Saturday, 18 June 2016, from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. at DEPO 2015 on Presslova Street, Pilsen.

trolejbusyYou can look forward to an exhibition of historical and modern vehicles, historical vehicle rides, a photography exhibition, contests for children, musical performances and more special programmes.

Take a ride in a Škoda 6 Tr, 8 Tr, T11, 15 Tr or Tatra T400. Other historical, technical and modern vehicles will also be on display.

The history of the youngest vehicle in the Pilsen municipal transportation fleet (yet the oldest functioning trolleybus line in the Czech Republic) dates back to 9 April 1941. The first trolleybus set out on the “A” line from a stop near the city spa towards Doubravka. Several weeks later, the “H” line to the Central Cemetery was added. Trolleybuses replaced buses on the busiest and hilliest routes. Trolleybus service eventually spread to most suburbs of Pilsen, and today trolleybuses and trams form the backbone of Pilsen’s municipal transportation network. Pilsen’s trolleybus service is one of the most modern services in the world. In addition to a regularly renewed fleet, the city has a brand-new technical facility and excellent overhead line and power networks.