The Pilsen Card Bonus Program is the PMDP a.s. discount program. Its main idea is to expand the possibilities of using the Pilsen Card for its holders even outside the sphere of transport.

The goal of the Bonus Program is to provide a bonus in a form of discount or other benefits to the holder of the Pilsen Card. The card serves for drawing discounts from our partners, who are currently not only in Pilsen and its surroundings, but also in Šumava and the Bavarian Forest.

Discounts in the Bonus Program can be drawn with the classic version of the Pilsen Card, including its mutations such as the pendant for first-graders or the Pilsen Card with the Senior Passport logo. From 16 August 2021, it is also possible to take advantage of the Bonus Program with the Virtual Card on your mobile phone.

The bonus Program can be used with our partners for these categories:

  • Household needs
  • Electrical goods, service and repairs
  • Massages, sauna and exercises
  • Culture and music
  • Kids and family
  • Study and education
  • Accommodation and hospitality
  • Spare time
  • Auto-moto