We would like to note that in January of this year, a new type of Pilsen Card went on sale. The Corporate Pilsen Card (Coporate PC) is designated for subjects that have a Company Registration Number (IČ) -- legal entities, individuals, businesses, non-profits, small business owners, etc.

The card is transferrable and all employees of the company that purchases the card can use it.

In regards to fares, the Corporate PC offers two options for use. The first is the option to purchase prepaid fares. The card owner can select the duration of the prepaid fare, from a single day fare to one full year. For this purpose, starting on January 1, 2010, a new transferable prepaid tarif has been in place that can be used in internal municipal zones among all transportation companies in the Integrated Pilsen Transportation (IDP) system.

The second option is to open an e-wallet which your employees and colleagues can use to purchase tickets right inside municipal public transport vehicles. The e-wallet also offers other uses. It can be used to pay at select partners, including paying for entrance tickets to venues and events at Pilsen Card ticket booking offices, paying for parking at selected car parks in Pilsen and taking advantage of the bonus programme.
The appearance of the Corporate Pilsen Card is based on the present Pilsen Card design, except that the subject that purchased the card can have their coporate logo put in place of the card holder’s photograph.

It is only natural that there is a range of services associated with operating the Pilsen Card system, including the use of Self-Service Zones, the Transparent Account service (to check transactions carried out with electronic money on the card) and more.

The Coporate Pilsen Card is the first of the Pilsen Card family that offers transferrable prepaid fares. We are confident that the new card will make travelling in and around Pilsen easier for companies and their employees while simplifying the accounting paperwork associated with receipts for travel on the Integrated Pilsen Transportation system.

Tax deductibility of the Corporate PC

Accounting as well as the application of input VAT both differ in relation to how the Coporate PC is used.

A prepaid Corporate PC can be entered as a tax-deductible expense on the basis of a tax document issued at PMDP, a.s. when the prepaid fare is purchased. However, the reporting unit must respect the temporal link with the reporting period (the cost is deferred). At the same time, the company shows in its records that employees used the card on their business trips.

A Corporate PC serving as an e-wallet will be entered as a cost based on a tax document – the ticket that the company employee receives when they use the card to purchase a ticket.

If an employee uses the card for their private purposes, this is a non-monetary employee benefit that is not exempt from salary tax. At the same time, it is used in the basis for assessing social and health insurance payments. Yet it could be an employer tax cost under the conditions stated in Section 24 (2) (j) (5) of Income Tax Act No. 586/1992 Coll., i.e. that it is the employee’s right to use the Corporate PC also for the personal purposes stated in the collective agreement, internal guideline, employment contract, etc.