Starting 23 January 2017, till approximately September 2018, Mikulášská street will be closed for all transportation due to planned reconstruction of railway bridges. This is reason for following changes in routes of several lines – trolleybus 12 and buses 35, 57, N2 and N5.


Stops “Pařížská” and “Mikulášská” will be cancelled for line 12. There will be alternative route via stops „Anglické nábřeží”, “Prazdroj” and “Železniční“.

Trolleybuses 12 heading from Nová hospoda to the depot will go along Folmavská street.

Night trolleybuses of lines 12, 15 and 16 will wait for each other at the stop “Mrakodrap” in times 22:54, 23:24 a 23:54.


The stop “U Ježíška” will be cancelled for lines 35 and 57.
The first and last stop of lines 35 and 57 will be “Hlavní nádraží” (instead of stop “U Ježíška”).

The stop “Pařížská” will be cancelled for lines N2 and N5, an alternative stop will be “Mikulášská”.
These two lines will go between stops “Mrakodrap” and “ Mikulášská” through alternative route Prokopova - most Milénia - Koterovská - Barrandova – Mikulášská.

Alternative routes of lines 12, 35, 57, N2 and N5 since 23 January, 2017