General information about the company

Trade name: Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky, a.s.
(Pilsen City Transport Company)
Headquarters Location: Denisovo nábřeží 920/12, 301 00 Pilsen
Reference Number (IČ): 252 20 683
VAT Number (DIČ): CZ25220683
Registration Date: 1st May 1998
Legal form: public limited company
Basic capital on 31st December 2018: 973 014 000 CZK
Founder: City of Pilsen
Pilsen city property share: 100 %
Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky, a.s., were listed in the business register managed by the Regional Court Pilsen, section B, File No.710 on 1St May 1998

Services provided:

The main and most important activity is public transport operation in Pilsen. Transport is secured by buses, trolleybuses and trams – it is fast, ecological and accessible for a large number of passengers in a short time period. Other services provided by the company are also closely related to transport: upper lead of railroad construction, supply and operation of the electronic dispatching and reservation system, public transport operation in the city surroundings, driving school, washing of vehicles, vehicle repairs including painting, etc.

Passengers check-in system – using the multifunction Pilsen Card - it is fast and enables a wide range of use of further services and benefits. The system of self-service machines available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, has been developed in relation to the Pilsen Card project.